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SW301 Alternative Points Switch

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The SW301 switch is momentary action UP & DOWN from the centre. In operation try to limit the ‘ON’ period to 1 second or less (prolonged power will overheat and therefore damage the Point Motor Coils). For ease of operation rotate the switch when in the control panel, so that up gives the straight through line. This will help you to know which way to move the switch by looking at the points. You can also add a relay to power an indicator on the control Panel.
FIG: 1
This circuit is self explanatory and will be used in most cases.
FIG: 2
In this configuration both points must operate together, so the wiring is a little different. As one set of points is 180’ to the other, you need to wire the points 180’ to the other. Follow the circuit diagram.

We will soon be bringing out a signal light controller to work in conjunction with the points. If you wire the points to the 4 way terminal block as shown, you will be ready to fit the signal controller. The fourth terminal will be for +V at a later date.