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CP800 The Scenic Sound Controller

Take your layout to new levels of realism.
Brimal Components in collaboration with Iain Hale are pleased to announce their new Scenic Sounds Generator.

Scalable from the largest of layouts to smaller single track book shelf type layouts irrespective of gauge.The Sound Generator holds all the 16 Sounds on a Micro SD card within the unit. There are at present 4 units available

1) Basic sounds standard with each unit (for the complete listings see below.
2)    Steam Locomotive Sounds & Environmental Sounds (15)
3)   Diesel Electric Locomotive Sounds & Environmental Sounds (15)
4)   Underground Rail System Sounds & Environmental Sounds (15)

See further down at the list of sounds we have at the moment, Iain is busy scouring the country for more sounds to fill in the blanks - any suggestions would be much appreciated.

It is relatively easy to change the SD card if you change your layout theme say from Steam to Diesel.
If you are running a combined system of Steam & Diesel, for a small charge we can
combine sounds - say 8 Steam & 8 Diesel or you could purchase a second Controller.

With up to 15 sound effects available to play on demand, they can be played either individually or together to to give a richer mix to the scene. For example Steam Train Running with the sounds of sea birds combined with those of rain, traffic or people.

All sounds can be maually triggered or triggered by the Locomotive. These sounds can be triggered by a magnetic switch embeded in the track when the switch is UP, or manually triggered when the switch is pressed down momentarily. In the vertical position the sound will not be triggered by the sensor in the track.
example: based on the list on the unit below. S1 Steam train Starting, S8 rain Storm, S7 Departure to Lime Street, will be combined and played at the same time.


User Manual
To give you an idea of the sound quality we have put a few sounds on the buttons above.

Click S2 for  Steam Train Starting with Short Whistle
Click S9 for Rain Storm
Click S4 for Clickity Click

Remember your imagination is the limitation in creating your railway sounds.

Have a look at the UTube Video which gives a better explanation on how it works.
The Rear panel has now been replaced with 16 outputs for track triggering, as per the drawing below.

On the rear of the unit are the sockets from left to right.

A DC socket for a seperate power supply unit, 9 to 16vDC.

A 2.5mm DC socket which can be used to power the unit from the auxillary output from your layout 9 - 16vDC

A 6.35mm (1/4'') Stereo Jack Socket for external speakers or external amplifier and then speakers. The internal speaker is rated at 1w, so does give a reasonably good sound output. The switch on the front panel allows you to switch from Internal Speaker to external system.

Now the 16 Track Inputs. These are 3.5mm Jack mono Jack Sockets and go to and from a magnetic sensor, as shown below.

Please note it is not restricted to magnetic sensors it could be any Normally Open contact which closes when activated.
Please see the next section for 'Applications'. or go to for a video and sounds.
On the rear of the unit there are 16 No 3.5mm Jack sockets.

A sensor is plugged into these to activate the sound when the toggle switch on the Control Panel is in the UP position.

There is no polarity to the sensor, so it does not matter which wire goes where on the Jack Plug.

Each unit comes with
6 Jack Plugs. (CN365)
6 Magnets (SW932)
6 Sensor Switches (SW927)
1 Jack Plug 3.5mm' (CN365)
1 DC Plug  (CN606)

Jack Plug
In this Layout as the train approaches from the right into the station Sensor 1 could trigger
No 10 or Steam Train No1
As the train leaves the station it will cover sensor 2 which could trigger
No 1, No 2
When the train covers Sensor 7 this could trigger
No 4, & No 5
As the Train Covers sensor 3 this could trigger
No 9, or No 11, or No 12
As the train cover sensor 4 this could trigger
No 14 or No 12.
The circuit would then start again as the train covers No 1

You could also have a goods train in the siding which covers sensor 6 and triggers
No 7
These sounds can be changed if you have purchased a dedicated sound card from the basic sound card.
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