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Power Distribution Boards

The CN165 series of Power Distribution Boards.

The CN165 basic unit has 18 Positive and 18 Negative Terminals (Especially for those who don’t like to solder). Input terminal will handle up to 15 Amps, the board can be used for 12DC to 24vDC. (The board can be used with higher voltages, however the resister should be removed to disable the LED) The LED will show Green if the Polarity is correct, Red if the Polarity is reversed by mistake or Orange if you are running a DCC system. Write on patch for board Voltage and board No. There are 6 Fixing holes available and cable tie holes also available for Input cables.

There are 3 ways to connect to the CN165 Distribution Board.

The CN165 Screw Terminal Board.


The fixing holes are 3.5mm diameter, and there are 6 on each board.
The two holes at each end are for cable ties to
secure the input cable

The cable ties to use are CB870 or CB871, they are
2.4mm wide And 100mm long.

This drawing shows how the CN165 can be used as a distribution point in a Bus Bar system.

The Bus Bar comes in on the left and goes out on the right, with 18 spur off points now available, to feed all the equipment in that area of your Layout.
On the PDF print there is a Terminal Board record as below

Posted 22-11-17
Just to say what a very useful piece of kit this board is!  I keep finding uses for them and this is the third from you.
Regards, Alan Wickens