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Model Rail

Peco SL-99 & Peco PM1 Motors Indication Circuit

The Peco SL-99 has 3 turnouts, so it would be handy to know which one is active at any one time. This circuit shows how you can wire 3 LED's or 3 Lilliput lamps to the point motors. The Indicator could be either next to the points or back at the control panel.
The switch part of the point motor PM1 is D,E,&F, with F being the common. It is not important where the point actuator pin is while wiring up as long as you follow the drawing.  If you are using LED's you will need to incorporate the 1K Resistor as shown. If however you are going to use 12v Lilliput bulbs then leave the resistor out.
NOTE: The Negative (0v) on an LED is the shorter lead and the one next to the flat on the casing.