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Model Rail

Multipole Connector

There are many occasions when you may need to use multi-pole connectors. There are a number of different types of connectors to suit your specific requirements. Each connector has its own slightly different current rating and amount of terminals.
Solder Terminal Connector
If you are into soldering this connector is very usefull as a Positive and Negative Bank for all wires that are common to one polatity or the other. It has a terminal block to receive the power from the Power source, and is labeled 1 to 18 so an easy record can be kept of where each wire goes.
Solder tag CN164
Solder Connector
Pluggable 12 way Terminal Block.
A pluggable industrial quality terminal strip rated at 6 Amps or 10 Amps moulded
in PLP with flammability rating of UL94V-2. The terminal strips can be cut to suit
any size required.
The terminal strip has fixing holes between each terminal.
CN179  12 way 6 Amp Male Female Terminal Strip
CN180  12 way 10 Amp Male Female Terminal Strip

Pluggable Terminal Block
Scart 21 way Plug and Socket set.
A Scart male & female also chassis socket connector ideal for extension data cables and small power cables on demountable layouts. A pre made Male to Male 1.5m cable is also available. Cable diameter approx. 7 to 11mm
From left to right.
CN200 Scart 21 way In Line Male Plug
CN202 Scart 21 way In Line Female Connector
CN204 Scart 21 way Chassis Mounting Female Connector
CN206 Scart 21 way Plug to Plug 1.5m Lead
Scart Plugs & Sockets
‘D’ Type 25 way or 37 way Connectors.
Superior quality commercial sub-miniature D connectors, with solder bucket terminals. Contact rating: 1 A
Dielectric Strength 500 VAC.  Also available in 25 way, and 37 way. From left to right
Chassis mounting Male connector, 25 way DS120, 37 way DS130
Chassis mounting Female connector, 25 way DS121, 37 way DS131
Plug & Socket Housing, 25 way Ds122, 37 way DS132
'D' Type Connectors and Sockets
'D' Type
Locking Multipole Connector.
The ZC series are available in a range of 4 pole to 8 pole plugs and sockets. Primarily they are intended for high-quality, touch-safe connector system with reliable locking in low voltage and signal applications. Contacts are tin plated and other metal parts are brass , nickel plated. Cable is secured by a cable clamp, and complies with the safety requirements of IEC 65/348.
Multipole Connector 8 way Chassis Socket– MC121
Multipole Connector 8 way Plug – MC119
Multipole Connector 8 way In Line plug – MC120
Multipole Locking Connectors
DIN In Line Plugs & Sockets in 4,5,6,7,8 Pin available.
Industry standard DIN plugs with solder connection and tinned contacts. Chassis mounting metal DIN sockets with plastic insert. Two screw fixing.
Fixing centres 22mm. Withstands voltage: 250V AC for 1 minute.
Din Plug & Sockets
Din Plug Pin Connectors
Multicore Cables.
Multicore cable is available in either 7/0.2mm, 16/0.2mm & 7/0.2mm screened.
The cable is available in 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 18, 25 core.