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Model Lighting Solutions

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Lighting Solutions

This company uses a number of our components

Model Lighting Solutions
Exquiste, hand made lighting systems for RC, Scale & Railway Models & Dioramas.
Welcome to Model Lighting Solutions we are small business that makes l.e.d lighting and fibre optic lighting for radio control models and model railways all orders are made to suit your needs and we are always working on new ideas please keep a check to see whats up and coming.
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3mm water clear flashing White pre-wired led
The led has 30 cm power tails and a running voltage of 6-12 volts
If you require further information please contact me thanks
Flashing white optic strand, these are a single strand with 10 x 10 cm 0.50mm optics
with 30 cm long power tails and a running voltage of 6-12 volts these are ideal for space ship models or all kinds of models
if there are any questions please ask we are more than happy to help these can also come 0.75mm optics.
Pre-wired LED strip in warm white these are 5 cm long with surface mount
LEDs and have a self-adhesive backing so ideal for many modelling
areas, these also give off very low to almost no heat so again ideal for
many options inc card buildings or lego etc. The running voltage is
9-12 volts .
3mm x 6 bright pink pre-wired leds with a power range of 6-12 volts & 30cm power leads .
Rc lighting kit- this kit contains 2 bright white & 2 bright red
pre-wired leds on a loom with a servo plug so no extra batteries needed
also included in the kit are 4 self-adhesive cable clips.