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How To in Model Railways
Control Panel
P1                          Control Panel Indicator Kit
G1                    Sensors used on Layouts
P2   DC Reverse Polarity Switch + Indicators
G2                Terminals used on Layouts
P3                         Train Position Indicator Kit
G3      Cables used on Layouts & Where
P4                      Momentary Switch Indicator
G4                 Switches used on a Layout
G5         Capacitor Discharge Units CDU
G6    TTL (Transistor to Transistol Logic)
P5                       AC to DC Conversion Circuit
P6                                      Bus Bar Installation
P7              Power Distribution Board CN165
P33                Capacitor Discharge Unit (CDU)
P8                                  Power Supply Systems
P9           Reverse Loop Manual or Automatic
P10                 Switches for Reversing Polarity
Using Timers
P27             MR350 Assembley Instructions of
Monostable Timer
P31            MR355 Assembley Instructions of
Bistable Timer
P11                2 Aspect Signal Control Circuits
P28                              Simulated Long Tunnel
P12                          Wiring a 2 wire LED Signal
P13      3 Aspect Signal using a Toggle Switch
P32                  Using a Bistable (Pulse) Timer
P14       3 Aspect Signal using a Rotary Switch
P35          Light House Beacon with Afterglow
P34        Automatic 3 Aspect Signal Control & Isolation
P15              Alternative Points Switch  SW301
Using a Diode Matrix to Control Points
Points Position Indicator Kit
Track Isolation When & Why
Solenoid Point Motors
Track Priority Switch & Indication
MR204 Momentary Switch Indicator
P29                                  3 way Peco Point Set
Wiring a Seep PM1 Motor with Signals
P30             Peco SL-99 with Indicator Circuit
Controlling Electro Frog Points
Controlling & Isolating Sidings
Controlling Electro Frog Points in Crossover
P26                                     Station Stop Timer