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Frequently Asked Questions

  Hi, I  want to use a toggle switch for model rail signals but with following combination:
  1. red,   2. green,   3. green and amber together.
  Advice welcome as to how to wire this switch if it will work for above.  Thanks in advance. 

  Yes you can use a toggle switch to control a 3 Aspect Signal  Click Here

  Do you have alignment dowels for Model rail baseboards, also the locking catches.
  I am starting an exhibition layout from scratch.
  Yes we have the dowels and the catches.   Click Here

  Which type of toggle switch do I use for Peco Points control, it has to be a three position switch I understand.
  The switch you require is called a Momentary centre OFF switch, it's designation is (ON)-OFF-(ON)  The
  brackets indicate it is momentary. This switch can be used with most solenoid type Points Motors.
  Such as Hornby, Peco, Gaugemaster.
  For a complete range of switches  Click Here.
  For an example of how to wire the switch to a points motor  Click Here
  Hi, What is the maximum voltage rating of the Test Leads TL101
  The test leads are rated at 30vAC and 60vDC  Click Here

  The multicore cable, is each core rated at 1 Amp or the the complete cable rated at 1 Amp.
  The Multicore cable is rated at 1.4 Amps per core, and is a 7/0.2 wire to make up each core.
  For the full range of cables & their current ratings, that can be used on a Model Rail Layout    Click Here

  Comment: Hi. I'm using momentary toggle switches (on-off-on) for operating point motors. I'm also using L.E.D indicator lights when
  operating these switches.
  Do you have a miniature component that would 'latch' the L.E.D's 'On' & 'Off' when the 'Moment' switch is operated.
  If that makes any sense.
  Regards Dave
  Yes we have a range of switches and circuits that will allow you to indicate the state of the points
  back at the Control Panel.  Click Here

  I have been advised that I should be using screened cable on my system. Can you explain to me why I should be using screened cable.
  There are certain cases for using screened cable, please  Click Here