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DC Reverse Polarity + Indicators

The MR601 is a Power Reversing Circuit -
It switches the Positive to Negative and the Negative to Positive with a Centre OFF position.
It is ideal for reversing the polarity of the tracks to put the Locomotive in Reverse.
The circuit also has two LED's one Green for forward & one Red for Reverse, both are off when the switch is in the centre position.
There is no need to hard wire the switch or the indicator LED's as this is all done by the printed circuit board. All you need to do is put the feed from the speed controller into the +- terminals and the OUT terminals to the track feed.

It can be used to feed the whole system or local sidings or certain tracks.
There are 2 models the MR601 comes with the indicator LED's offset from the switch by 13,5mm.
The MR601-1 comes with the indicator LED's centre to the switch.

The height of the LED's has been set so they protrude through the control panel by 2mm and as the switch is the fixing centre do not require LED mounts.

The Terminals are on the reverse side of the board, so when mounted provide easy access.
The Printed circuit board is held in place on the Control Panel by the Toggle Switch, this also holds the 2 LED's at the correct height.
The terminal blaock is on the underside of the PCB so is easy to get at without removing the pcb from the panel.

 The circuit only requires the input from a Power Source which could be direct or via a Speed Controller. See the circuit below.
Speed Controller
There are two configerations of LED's.
The LED's are offset from the switch as shown

The LED's are centered with the switch

This module has many applications in a Model Rail Layout;

It can be used to reverse the polarity of one section of track in a fiddle yard.

It can be use to set Polarity in a reverse Loop.

If you have a long straight section the train can be Reversed when it gets to the far end.

I am sure you will find many more applications.