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Control Panel Indicator Kit

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The Kit consists of 10 Red LED's, 10 Green LED's and 20 Panel mounting Bezels.
The Bezel requires a 6.35mm hole in the control panel, and the LED is pushed into the bezel from the underside thereby locking the LED and Bezel in place on the panel.
The LED is a Light Emitting Diode so only allow voltage to flow in one direction. That is from the Anode to the Cathode. The Cathode is shown as the shorter lead and the base of the LED has a 'flat' on the Cathode side. Most LED's have a maximum working voltage of  2 to 3 volts DC.
Most circuits work on 9v, 12v, or 24volts so a dropping resistor will be required to drop the voltage to 2 to 3 volts. In most cases a 1K resistor will do the job.
See the drawing below:
Connection of an LED.
There are many ways to connect one or more LED's to a circuit depending on the function you want it to Indicate when illuminated.
Basic Connection:
Here are 2 drawings showing one direct to power
source the other via a switch or sensor contact.
The dropping resistor could be put on either the
Positive or Negative lead.
Multiple LED connection:
Here the dropping resistor is after the control switch/sensor
on each line to the LED
Here there is only one resistor and it has been placed on the
Negative side of the LED. This however means that you will
need a larger wattage resistor depending on the number of
LED's that could be ON at any one time.
NOTE: The resistor supplied in the Kit is a 1/2w so will handle
10 LED's simultaneously. This only applies to the LED's in the
KIT, other LED's can have different current ratings so could
affect the rating of the resistor.

The Slide Switch.
(SW150 to SW160)
Standard slide switch with a Green and Red LED on each side of the switch ,with this type of slide switch either Red or Green will be on depending on the position of the switch.
Toggle Switch.
(SW300 to SW400)
With this toggle switch which is centre OFF both LED's are OFF. So switching one way will switch on Red, switching the other way will switch on the Green.
Leaf Switch
This Leaf Switch is wired for Red LED as the fail safe ON. So with the lever in the position shown the Red LED is ON. When the lever is pushed by less than 2mm the Red will switch OFF and the Green will switch ON. This situation will remain until the lever is allowed to go back to the resting position.
Changeover Reed Switch
(SW920 to SW944)
The switch here is a magnetic actuated Reed Switch. When the magnet is not present the Red LED is on, when the magnet is close to the Reed Switch the switch will change state and the Red goes OFF and the Green switches ON.
(SW032 to SW052)
This switch is a Microswitch in the state shown the Red LED is ON. When the switch is activated (pressed down) the Red LED switches OFF and the Green LED switches ON

(All circuits are working at voltages between 9v to 24v- above that you will have to change the value of the resistor)
(Black lines / wires are Negative, Red Lines / wires are Positive Voltage)