Some Customer Layouts

Some of our customers have sent in their layouts for others to look at.
Hope these give you some ideas.
This is my 30th Layout in a hobby spanning 40 years. It appears to take longer to build them the older you get. To me the best part is designing and then building the layout. I normally run them for about 6 months and then I want to start again.
This layout is nearly complete, just need to fit the centre section, which has been built seperatly in another room, Hope all roads etc fit together.

AD 2014
Pen Gos Station

RW 2016
My 5” gauge layout.
I used to model in 00 gauge.
Then one day my Wife said “ just imagine if you gave up smoking, you could spend more money on your hobby”.
So I gave up smoking and the trains just got bigger.

CW   2016

BP  2016