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AC to DC Conversion

MR150 - MR151 Circuit
4 Amp
8 Amp
These modules convert AC to DC.
The most common AC supply voltages are 5, 12v, 15v, 16v, 18v and 24v, these modules will handle all these voltages, and convert them into DC. The output voltage will depend on the input voltage from the transformer. There is typically a voltage drop of 2 volts through the circuit.

There is a LED indicator to show there is output power. Due to the smoothing capacitor when AC power is removed DC power may take a few seconds to go to 0v.
The module can be used to drive all non voltage sensitive equipment, such as point motors, signals, and LED indicators. Do not use it to power sensitive electronic circuits as they require a regulated power source.

The Basic Circuit
MR150 Circuit
Connection of the Circuit
MR150 Component Connection
The Current Limiter is optional, however it is advisable just to protect your equipment.

The Converter circuit has a maximum current output of

A 6v transformer will give about 5v DC output.
A 12v transformer will give about 10v DC output.
A 15v transformer will give about 13v DC output.

Depending on the current capability of the transformer you may see a voltage drop when you add a load to the output.
The higher the VA, the more likely the voltage will be steady.

To calculate the current capability of a transformer The output voltage divided by the VA
example a 6 volt transformer at 12VA has an output current of 2Amps
A= output volt/VA